Why Every Man Needs a Custom Suit

How to dress like you’re wearing a $5,000 suit for a fraction of the price?  They key is finding a good custom suit brand.  – Valor & Vice

When it comes to suits, the fit is everything.  I remember when my dad took me to buy my first suit, I tried on everything for the better half of the afternoon.  He taught me about the weight of the fabrics, the cut of the suit, and to always buy two pairs of pants with a jacket because they wear out quicker than the top.  Of all the words of wisdom, the single most important detail was to pick the suit based on the fit over anything else.

There’s nothing that sticks out more than a poor fitting suit.  Even the most expensive brand looks out of place on a man if it doesn’t fit his body type, and finding one that’s perfect off the rack is no small order.  Hugo Boss ended up best for my frame and was my go-to until I discovered the world of custom suiting.  For the same quality at a fraction of the price I’ve built a new wardrobe with Astor & Vance.

As a GQ Insider, style is a key part of my identity, and people always ask what I’m wearing.  Pro tip: if your someone who says, “I’m not really a suit guy” < you should be.  Even if your job does’t require one, there will always be a moment in a man’s life that calls for a suit.  Don’t be the guy who buys a cheap poor fitting suit because you needed one last minute, plan ahead and pick up a custom.  It’s an investment in yourself and worth every cent.

If you’re looking to up your suiting game, below are a few reasons why Astor & Vance is my top pick for custom suiting:

  • Custom made by hand
  • Customizable details
  • Italian and English fabrics made from 100% cashmere wool
  • Full stitched canvas
  • Functioning buttons holes
  • Pic stitching
  • Silk lining
  • Horn buttons
  • Deep lined pockets that turn into a pocket square
  • 2.5 week turn around, fastest in the industry
  • Price range: $399-$799
  • Over 35 points of measurement