Kiehl’s: Debuts New Men’s Grooming Line

An exciting new lineup from Kiehl’s – tailor made for the well groomed man.

My shower is always stocked with Kiehl’s products (notably their Original Musk Bath and Shower Body Cleanser), so I was excited to receive the invitation to Kiehl’s New Grooming Solutions For Men pre-launch event and take home product to experience myself.  I gave everything a try this week, and here’s how it went:

Kiehl’s Bar Soap: this is the natural hydrating cleanser I’ve been missing.  Bar soaps traditionally leave my skin dry and itchy, but this felt more like a moisturizer with heavy foam and left my skin feeling fresh after toweling off.

Kiehl’s Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner: it smells as good as it feels.  Kiehl’s is known for their aromatic products, and their new two-in-one does not disappoint.  With rich notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and eucalyptus, my hair felt soft after rinsing and smelled amazing.

Kiehl’s Clean Styling Gel: with the same essential oils at the shampoo + conditioner, this was a great follow-up post-rinse.  A tiny bit is all it took for a natural hold and a bit of shine.

Kiehl’s Texturizing Clay: formulated with Moroccan Lava Clay, this was perfect to add a bit of grit back into my hair after a deep clean.  What I like about the wax is it gives a medium hold and extra body to my hair for a natural full look and matte finish.

Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax: the name speaks for itself, this product is perfect for styling any which way you like.  It holds well all-day with a no-shine finish, and makes it easy to shape the perfect stylized look.

Kiehl’s Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil: my #1 issue with facial hair is how course and scratchy my beard gets.  I’ve tried everything to make my facial hair soft, but usually end shaving it off just to get rid of the coarseness.  Of the new Kiehl’s product line, I’m most excited to stock up on this because of how soft it made my facial hair.  I might actually give growing a beard a go.

Details: New Men’s Grooming Line by @Kiehls coming soon.

Photos: @Valorandvice

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